About Us

Shurms Candy Multiple 8oz Gummy Bear

I have always wanted to have a company with products that people really love – I mean things that people will tell their friends about because they love it so much!  I messed around with different things for a while and then I finally realized that candy is one of the things that I have always loved like that.  Once I had that realization, deciding to start a candy company was an easy decision.

So in 2012, my wife Jackie and I started Shurms Candy. Our first candy was a caramel apple candy.  It was better than the caramel apple suckers because it was a small chewy candy that you could enjoy much quicker than eating a sucker or an actual caramel apple.  This candy did really well for us, but it just didn’t generate the level of excitement from our customers that I was looking for.  Over the next few years, we tried several other candies – each one getting more and more excitement.

Finally, in February of 2018 we launched MichiGummies.  We attended All Things Detroit as a vendor shortly after in March – there is where we formally introduced our Michigan shaped gummies.  Not long after the crowds of people started pouring in, there was a young lady that came over to our booth.  She looked at our candy for a little while trying to figure out what it was.  Once she got what she was looking at, she said, “Oh my gosh!  Gummies in the shape of Michigan!  I think I’m going to cry!”  At that moment, I knew that we finally had the product I was looking for!  MichiGummies have been generating that level of passion from our customers ever since.

Later that same year, we launched a sour version of the MichiGummies.  And that too, has been exciting people all over our great state.  Now, we plan to keep building on this successful idea of combining a great tasting candy with the cool shape of Michigan.  We are looking to launch our next new candy in June of 2019 and many more to come after that!

Kevin Kolpasky