About Us

Shurms Candy Multiple 8oz Gummy Bear

I have always loved candy.  For as long as I can remember, the first thing I do when I go into a store is see what they have for candy. I have a lot of great memories that involve candy – it is one of the great things in life that exists solely to make you happy.

When I decided to start Shurms Candy in 2012 with my wife Jackie, it was out of a desire to bring that happiness to people – but in a unique way.  We offered a few different candies for a while, and then we finally realized that the unique way that we want to bring the happiness of candy to people is by combining it with the shape of the state that we grew up loving.

So, in February of 2018 we launched MichiGummies – a fantastic gummie candy in the shape of Michigan.  We were thrilled to offer a candy that our fellow Michiganders really connected with.  We have always really appreciated the bond that Michiganders share – it’s kind of like belonging to a special club.  And this candy is kind of like the official candy of our club.

Every once in a while we get out to an event where we can have people try our candy – but the real fun is in getting to meet some of the great people of our state.  We hope to get the chance to meet you soon!