About Us

Shurms Candy Multiple 8oz Gummy Bear

Shurms Candy was started in 2012 out of our love for candy. We wanted to share with the world all the fun and joy that comes from eating candy as well as sharing it! Most of our childhood memories include candy in some way. Just think of all the holiday’s and big events in your life and how candy was always there making the times sweeter! From the brown paper bag full of goodies on the long car ride…to the pillowcase full of candy on Halloween night, candy just makes us happy!

With our Michigan themed candy we want to become part of your memories. From the shape of our Great Lakes State to the wonderful flavors that add to its character, we hope you will remember Shurms Candy when you reminisce with family and friends!

Bring home the taste of Michigan, Mitten-Lovers!