Yooper Bloopers & Mitten Mishaps – 5lb. Bulk


These MichiGummies taste every bit as good as the regular MichiGummies – they just don’t look as pretty.

The 5 pound bag of MichiGummies is for the serious MichiGummies connoisseur! Whether you’re having a party (this is great for weddings) or you just need a serious amount of delicious gummies to brighten up your cold, dark Michigan winter, this is your best choice.

MichiGummies are the best gummy candy you will ever try – and it’s in the shape of our great state (both upper and lower peninsulas)! Each package contains all 6 fruit flavors of Michigan: cherry, raspberry, apple, grape, strawberry and watermelon.

Our MichiGummies are much softer and more flavorful then most gummies you may have tried. And there’s just something about candy in the shape of Michigan – it just tastes better.

Give these a try – you will not be sorry!

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