MichiSours – 7 oz. Resealable Pouch


There is one request that we hear from our customers more than any other request – and that is to bring back a sour candy!

Well, we are so happy to be able to introduce our latest candy from Shurms: MichiSours!  If you remember our Sour MichiGummies, we want to make sure you know that MichiSours are a little different.  They are still a soft and chewy candy but they have a slightly different texture from the Sour MichiGummies.  Also, each bag contains 3 flavors: Cherry, Apple and Lemon.  And finally (because this is the second most requested item that we hear), they are more sour than the Sour MichiGummies were.

But the main thing to know about these new MichiSours is that they are UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!!  Seriously, if you like sour in the least, you will be blown away by these.  Just be prepared to love these 7 ounce pouches of sour bliss in a way that you have never loved a candy!

And just in case you didn’t already guess, these perfect sour candies are in the shape of our great state of Michigan!



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