MichiMinis 4 oz Bag – 8 Bags


Our new 4 oz. bags are perfect for events – birthday parties, conferences, weddings – whatever you have going on that needs Michigan style added to it!

MichiMinis are a Michigan shaped pressed dextrose candy (think of a Runt-like candy) that are a great tasting, colorful and shiny treat. To create these candies, we use a world-class candy manufacturer based in New York that produces the candy in Ontario.

You get 8 of our 4 ounce bags that contain some of the best tasting candy you will ever try – and it’s in the shape of our great state (both upper and lower peninsulas)! Each package contains all 4 fruit flavors of Michigan: cherry, blueberry, apple, and strawberry.

Ever wonder why candy in the shape of Michigan tastes better?  Give it a try and find out!!

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